Basic blackjack

Quality programming and a stage will provide you to get the biggest income for you at the best time for your time and draw in however many guests as would be possible to the site. There are a few giants in, programming organizations that offer the same and a bigger variety of recreations for various gambling clubs. This is extremely high caliber and best programming.

Pay attention to

-Sound- accompaniment is an important aspect that plays a decisive role in attracting new and retaining old players.

-Interface – should be simple and maximum understandable, all keys on the playing field should be conveniently located


-Security – check this item before the launch of your online casino

-Graphics – the image should be high-quality, clear and not to fayre tail

There are a couple of the first programming companies that offer the same and a higher variety of fun for different betting clubs. This is amazing but every year more and more games are with new slots and software appear for players

Microgaming slots are unique of modern animation. The developers of the company turned a simple rotation of wheels into the new world, with their stories and characters. Microgaming gaming machines you can find in all online casinos. The honesty of games is provided by the fact that casinos do not get access to the software, all servers are in the hands of Microgaming itself, and it is no sense for the owners to cheat and risk reputation. In addition, this software is one of the most expensive. With in excess of more than 800 gambling club rising and developing under them, the all-around great organization surely offers an awesome number of cross-perfect clubhouse fun and action to the numerous Microgaming Casinos discovered on the web.

Each self-respecting software vendor for the casino has its own technical platforms. Microgaming has five such platforms:

-Flash. Any Microgaming games can be run from the online casino website thanks to the Flash platform

-Quickfire. This ultra-quick stage, which gives fast access. Quickfire’s central goal is to give for operators clubhouse programming in the fastest time

-Download. Game software for online casinos, which can be downloaded and installed. Players can customize the language and play simultaneously in several games.

Other than English, Microgaming’s casino games also support a big range of languages. These include more than 40 different languages

Recommend Microgaming’s Casinos to anybody who’s thinking about playing an online casino with unique software.

Scammers in the casino

One of the most ingenious teams developing American casinos, was able to make $ 3 million a year for 5 years. And so it was not discovered. Now that one of the most skillful teams of fraudsters in the criminal history has “retired” (its members have either already died, or successfully found work in the upper echelons of respected corporations or moved to tropical islands). Their ideological founder readily shares how his gang was setting up his greatest in the history of casino fraudulent outings.

Among the “tumbleweed” (the subculture of scammers, deceivers and cheaters who emerged from the unclean players described by Mark Twain in his “Life on the Mississippi”) Robert Swift, nicknamed “Mickey” is a real legend. For several decades of fishing, he collected an encyclopedic amount of knowledge in the field of cheating. Perhaps no one in the world knows more about fraud than Mickey Swift. He went through the whole country with a lot of experienced sharers, studying thousands of fraudulent ways to get money. He learned to play backgammon with the help of “juicy” (magnetic) bones, to make “stripper” cards. It was cards with unevenly cut edges, remove aces from the deck, make a false shuffle, mark cards with anything, down to the sweat from the nose.

It took many years of touring, so that from the recruit Micky Swift turned into a real professional in his field. Mickey settled in Las Vegas in the early 70’s of the twentieth century. “At that time, Vegas was a new building,” he recalls, “It was not a city of fashionable hotels, volcanoes and children’s attractions, but one thing has never been changed: there has always been a huge amount of money, so much that it was worth to go there”. At the beginning of his career, Swift used various tricks, earning them about $ 100,000 a year. “Of course, good money,” Swift recalls, “But the excitement drove me on, there’s nothing more exciting than the reward for being able to outwit the gambling house. We did not steal from tourists. Instead most players did not even suspect that, what actually happened when they watched the game. We played against the casino.

Online casino

It could be very strange but when you want to put some bets in casino rooms  you might understand that all this mathematics misunderstanding at schools can play with you really bad joke. Fat cash from casino needs some knowledge of arithmetic. And follow some rules to become a winner every bet or spinning.

   Players who play for years use some strategies and ways how to make lower percent of loses. There are special systems how to play for each casino games. Some of them you can use in a number of games another is very unique. Anyway using system in right way system can bring you a lot of fun.

   Some of them based on Positive and Negative progression. This sounds like something difficult but it not. Shortly this means if you win your bet you increase your bet in twice but if you lose you lower it twice.this is positive progression. In negative all the way around. Whenever you win you lower the amount of bet; in case of losing sum should be increased. On this algorythm based such strategies





   Let’s talk about Fibonacci’s strategy advantages and disadvantages. The Fibonacci’s is an aggregate movement which implies in an arrangement of numbers each number that takes after is equivalent to the aggregate of the two numbers which go before it. Always starts at 0 but in our case, the zero is always ignored.

   How effective this system? Everything depends on how long one’s losing streak is. If it a lot in a row, it should be difficult to make some income. Also, it may not give you back everything you lose at that moment.


It’s easy to understand, memorize and use. It would work for you if use it properly unless you rich point when you have not enough money to continue


Honestly, the Fibonacci betting technique, as most strategy’s in view of negative movements, ought to be dealt with great attention as after all, it is only a numerical idea. In that capacity it bodes well yet in truth it would work well just in the event that one has mountain of cash to play with and an especially high store most extreme.

   If you are looking for something how to make money you can try this system. But it looks like these system only for GREAT players with years of experience or unlimited cash. Last word after you but think twice to use this system.

What are the betting strategies in the casino?

Millions of people regularly across the world attending a variety of casinos seek to limit their gaming budgets.

To get pleasure from the game, to increase the probability of becoming a winner in it, and as long as possible to hold on to the achieved level, you should correctly learn how to spend the available budget.

An excellent option in this situation will be the low-stakes version of the game. This strategy implies following certain rules, tactical methods, without which such a strategy may not work.

So, the first thing to do is to calculate your chances so that you end up with a plus. Everybody knows that the highest prize in slots can be obtained on bonus games. On average, a significant number of online slots are programmed to issue bonuses with a frequency of 1 to 142-148 spins. From this it follows that in order to be able to break a significant jackpot, it will be necessary to rotate the drums the above number of times, i.e. you need to have a budget that allows you to make 148 rotations.

For example, following the above system, having a bankroll of $ 25, the rate for 1 spin should not exceed $ 0.15. That is, in a slot with a contribution of $ 0.01, you need to select 15 lines, this will allow 166 rotations. As a result, the opportunity to receive a bonus increases significantly, that the number mathematically allows you to return all your money spent.

By way of returns all the slots can be classified into several categories:

  1. With a low return difference. This type of machine is programmed to offer users a lot of prize combinations, while they have small coefficients. Here is an example, there are over 200 variations in the payout table, but any of them, in case of a fall, raises the rate only by 2 times.
  2. With equal indicators of combinations and payments on them. In such cases, the prize money is much larger, but the victorious combinations are much smaller.
  3. Slots with a minimum successful probability. However, when in such slot machines the drums stop, creating a prize-winning line. Then the lucky ones have chances for a particularly large win, because the amounts often happen simply huge.

Therefore, you should carefully consider the choice of the slot. For example, having fun with an apparatus of the 1st type, there are chances, with the help of small bets, to end the session with a plus, albeit small. However, if you choose a slot machine with a minimum number of winning chances, a high probability of quickly part with your deposit. However, when you’re lucky – it’s certainly a big deal.

Another nuance, you can significantly increase the “lifetime” of the game deposit using the opportunities of the loyalty program, it is for every self-respecting casino. In fact, every online gambling portal offers an extensive system of all sorts of incentives and all sorts of bonuses. It is better to choose those that allow raising the deposit by 2-3 times.

More detailed about the incentives you can always find on a special page on the online casino review pages like Stargames Casino.

Roulette. “Martingale” system.

Today we know a lot of different strategies for gambling. Mostly, professional (or no) players use at least one of known  strategies.

A frequent occurrence is that almost all strategies are often ineffective, or even harmful. Most strategies can trigger once or more, but only in case of a lucky one.

If player is serious about gaining with a certain game system help , then to begin with it must be well studied.

The most popular system  is the “Martingale system”, the main principle of which is doubling the rate after each loss. It has existed for a long time – more than 250 years! And, despite such an enduring existence, this system is constantly criticized.

  • The easiest variant of this system is the “Regular strategy” that involves a constant doubling  of bets up to winnings. The drawback is that the amount of winnings may be much lower than the lost amount, and, accordingly, this system loses any sense.
  • American strategy The only difference  with the Regular strategy is that the player bets on a larger number of slots of the roulette wheel, which greatly increases the probability of winning. However, its size will not be too large in any case, since the odds are very low in roulette.
  • Extended strategy. In this version of the Martingale system, rates  are made on a single number, and the payoff is based on the ratio from 1 to 36. The extended Martingale strategy involves a gradual increase in the bet size after each loss. The size of the winnings  depends directly on how soon the desired number falls.