Roulette. “Martingale” system.

Today we know a lot of different strategies for gambling. Mostly, professional (or no) players use at least one of known  strategies.

A frequent occurrence is that almost all strategies are often ineffective, or even harmful. Most strategies can trigger once or more, but only in case of a lucky one.

If player is serious about gaining with a certain game system help , then to begin with it must be well studied.

The most popular system  is the “Martingale system”, the main principle of which is doubling the rate after each loss. It has existed for a long time – more than 250 years! And, despite such an enduring existence, this system is constantly criticized.

  • The easiest variant of this system is the “Regular strategy” that involves a constant doubling  of bets up to winnings. The drawback is that the amount of winnings may be much lower than the lost amount, and, accordingly, this system loses any sense.
  • American strategy The only difference  with the Regular strategy is that the player bets on a larger number of slots of the roulette wheel, which greatly increases the probability of winning. However, its size will not be too large in any case, since the odds are very low in roulette.
  • Extended strategy. In this version of the Martingale system, rates  are made on a single number, and the payoff is based on the ratio from 1 to 36. The extended Martingale strategy involves a gradual increase in the bet size after each loss. The size of the winnings  depends directly on how soon the desired number falls.