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It could be very strange but when you want to put some bets in casino rooms  you might understand that all this mathematics misunderstanding at schools can play with you really bad joke. Fat cash from casino needs some knowledge of arithmetic. And follow some rules to become a winner every bet or spinning.

   Players who play for years use some strategies and ways how to make lower percent of loses. There are special systems how to play for each casino games. Some of them you can use in a number of games another is very unique. Anyway using system in right way system can bring you a lot of fun.

   Some of them based on Positive and Negative progression. This sounds like something difficult but it not. Shortly this means if you win your bet you increase your bet in twice but if you lose you lower it twice.this is positive progression. In negative all the way around. Whenever you win you lower the amount of bet; in case of losing sum should be increased. On this algorythm based such strategies





   Let’s talk about Fibonacci’s strategy advantages and disadvantages. The Fibonacci’s is an aggregate movement which implies in an arrangement of numbers each number that takes after is equivalent to the aggregate of the two numbers which go before it. Always starts at 0 but in our case, the zero is always ignored.

   How effective this system? Everything depends on how long one’s losing streak is. If it a lot in a row, it should be difficult to make some income. Also, it may not give you back everything you lose at that moment.


It’s easy to understand, memorize and use. It would work for you if use it properly unless you rich point when you have not enough money to continue


Honestly, the Fibonacci betting technique, as most strategy’s in view of negative movements, ought to be dealt with great attention as after all, it is only a numerical idea. In that capacity it bodes well yet in truth it would work well just in the event that one has mountain of cash to play with and an especially high store most extreme.

   If you are looking for something how to make money you can try this system. But it looks like these system only for GREAT players with years of experience or unlimited cash. Last word after you but think twice to use this system.

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