Scammers in the casino

One of the most ingenious teams developing American casinos, was able to make $ 3 million a year for 5 years. And so it was not discovered. Now that one of the most skillful teams of fraudsters in the criminal history has “retired” (its members have either already died, or successfully found work in the upper echelons of respected corporations or moved to tropical islands). Their ideological founder readily shares how his gang was setting up his greatest in the history of casino fraudulent outings.

Among the “tumbleweed” (the subculture of scammers, deceivers and cheaters who emerged from the unclean players described by Mark Twain in his “Life on the Mississippi”) Robert Swift, nicknamed “Mickey” is a real legend. For several decades of fishing, he collected an encyclopedic amount of knowledge in the field of cheating. Perhaps no one in the world knows more about fraud than Mickey Swift. He went through the whole country with a lot of experienced sharers, studying thousands of fraudulent ways to get money. He learned to play backgammon with the help of “juicy” (magnetic) bones, to make “stripper” cards. It was cards with unevenly cut edges, remove aces from the deck, make a false shuffle, mark cards with anything, down to the sweat from the nose.

It took many years of touring, so that from the recruit Micky Swift turned into a real professional in his field. Mickey settled in Las Vegas in the early 70’s of the twentieth century. “At that time, Vegas was a new building,” he recalls, “It was not a city of fashionable hotels, volcanoes and children’s attractions, but one thing has never been changed: there has always been a huge amount of money, so much that it was worth to go there”. At the beginning of his career, Swift used various tricks, earning them about $ 100,000 a year. “Of course, good money,” Swift recalls, “But the excitement drove me on, there’s nothing more exciting than the reward for being able to outwit the gambling house. We did not steal from tourists. Instead most players did not even suspect that, what actually happened when they watched the game. We played against the casino.

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